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» KtiebNews Issue 1  Hello Guest

Dear User

Welcome to the first edition of the KtiebNews which will keep you updated on's activities, offers and partners. Additionally, KtiebNews will also contain KtiebTip! which highlights ideas and/or suggestions on how to manage your books, requests and watches. It will take you about 3 minutes to read this news letter.

Today, 5 th December 2004 , is celebrating the first month of its activity online. In twenty (20) days time, we will all be celebrating Christmas hence Team has decided to decorate during these days. Make sure to visit in the coming days to view the XMAS edition.



During this month of operations, we received a number of emails with suggestions for Your comments are valuable to us and most of these suggestions have been developed and implemented in We encourage you to keep sending your feedback, comments or suggestions using the online contact form which is accessible from the 'Info Point' tab found in the top menu. Our team was impressed by the user response which was recorded during the last thirty (30) days. Statistics, which are updated on the front page, show that:


•  over 12,000 pages have been accessed

•  over 1,800 visitors visited

•  191 of these have registered

•  340 books have been placed for sale

•  319 of these can be viewed online (active)

•  24 requests to buy books

•  39 book watches


Add Points uses a system driven by points which allow users to buy or sell books. This is an efficient, measure to control abuse and is very popular with European websites. When you registered with your initial balance was 100 points. There are a number of methods to add more points to your account and all the actions are free of charge (More details can be found at ). We recommend the 'Tell a Friend - Get Points' method. You simply have to write an email address of a friend (no spamming) in the space provided and click 'GO!'. When your friend registers with, 30 points will be added to your balance and you will automatically receive a notifications email.


Information is now available on Google. All books placed on will be detected by Google and after a few days Google users can search for these books. Test if your books are displayed on Google (type the same book title). has partnered with a number of bookshops and non-profit organizations which will be placing new books for sale on These partners have the possibility to utilize the new categories 'New Release' and 'Pre-Publication'. These features have been added so that users can browse such books easily from the categories menu and can keep themselves updated on what is new or what will be released in the coming weeks. These partners are:


•  Dejamic Music

•  The Children BookShop

•  Book Distributors Limited (BDL)

•  Nature Trust

•  BirdLife Malta


We are working to partner up with more book shops, NGO and NPO, schools and student organizations.



If you have a number of books (more then 5) which you would like to place online, the 'Sell Your Books' form can be a long process and this can be discouraging for some users. To solve this problem, in the 'Sell Your Books' page, we have provided a link to download an Excel file in which you can easily type all the books in the fields provided according to instructions.


The Excel file (with the books details) can be sent as an attachment to with a short note indicating your username. We will take care of uploading all the books in your account, FREE OF CHARGE and no points will be deducted from your account.



We would like to thank our sponsor, The Children BookShop which is contributing to keep free of charge. If you are interested to advertise on please visit or send your details on the online contact form in the 'Info Point'.


In the coming days we will be officially launching with the media via a press release to cover all newspapers, radios and online newspapers.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading this newsletter. We would like to wish you a lovely festive season and do encourage you to give out books as Christmas presents. Team

KtiebNews can be viewed online at



KtiebNews is a mandatory email service announcement to update you about important features of and is only sent to registered users of If you would like to receive a copy of KtiebNews, please register free of charge with Effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this email is accurate however cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies.


Date: 5th December 2004

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