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» KtiebNews Issue 2  Hello Guest

Dear User

Welcome to this special edition of KtiebNews,'s newsletter. (reading time - 3 minutes) We are sending out this newsletter in advance due to announcements related to the Christmas festive season. This newsletter and previous editions can be read online for free on, thus new users who registered after 5 December 2004 are encouraged to go online and read the previous KtiebNews Issue.


Christmas GIFTS for You

KtiebNews is being sent today, 3 days before Christmas Day so that we could wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Moreover, we would like to give out the following GIFTS and account upgrades to all of you:

  20 bonus special points will be added to your account points if you visit and login using your username. Offer valid till 15 January 2005 . New users will also get these additional XMAS points if they register until 15 January 2005 . SO LOG IN NOW TO CLAIM YOUR POINTS!

  The 'Tell a Friend' points obtained when you refer to your friends have been increased with immediate effect from 30 points to 40 points until 15 January 2005 . The more you refer, the more points you will have in your account. All your friends will get 120 points instead of 100 during this period.

  All books which have and will be placed on for sale until 15 January 2005 will have an expiry period of 10 weeks instead of 8 weeks.

  Additionally, due to an increase in demand, the Watch Service, which had a usage limit of 5 watches per user, is being increased to 10 watches per user with immediate effect to all current and future users until further notice. To understand the concept of the Watch Service, read KtiebTip! (further down this newsletter)


Information was officially launched in December with a press release sent to all media and until now, the press release has been published on:


- The Times (of Malta) - 8 December 2004

- The Sunday Times (of Malta) - 12 December 2004

- The Malta Independent on Sunday - 12 December 2004

- - 16 th December 2004


These articles can be read by visiting is now listed on the major local search engines (like Search Malta and di-ve) and international search engines (like Google and Search Europe). All these factors are contributing to by sending new users (traffic). In fact, statistics show that since launch, over a period of about 50 days;


•  Google has over 725 searchable pages from

•  over 22,500 clicks

•  over 3,300 visitors visited

•  325 registered users

•  405 books have been placed for sale

•  74 book watches has partnered with a number of bookshops and non-profit organizations which will be placing new books for sale on We are working to partner up with more book shops, NGO and NPO, schools and student organizations. Anyone interested to partner with can contact us.


KtiebTip! - Ideas & Suggestions how to utilize

After the excellent response of KtiebTip! of the previous edition of KtiebNews, this time we decided to focus on the Book Watch Service. When a user does not find a book on after a search, we have provided an alert/watch facility which informs the user (by email) when the book has been placed for sale on

To utilize this watch service, (you need to be a registered user) first login, then click on 'Watch For Books'. In the empty fields provided enter the keywords from the title of the book and choose a category. Example if I would like to initiate a watch service for a book titled 'The History of Malta', then I would type 'History' in Keyword 1 and ' Malta ' in Keyword 2. Then I would choose the category 'Arts, Music & History' and click 'Add to Wish List'. You will be immediately notified by email when a book having all these keywords (in the title, description or author) is placed in the specified category. You can also type in simply one general keyword such as 'astronomy' to be notified about all relevant astronomy books.

The Book Watch Service is FREE OF CHARGE and no points will be deducted from your account.



We would like to thank our sponsor, The Children BookShop which is contributing to keep free of charge. If you are interested to advertise on please visit or send your details on the online contact form in the 'Info Point'.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading this newsletter. We would like to wish you a lovely festive season and encourage you to give out books as Christmas presents and to visit XMAS Edition to get those extra bonus points. Team

KtiebNews can be viewed online at



KtiebNews is a mandatory email service announcement to update you about important features of and is only sent to registered users of If you would like to receive a copy of KtiebNews, please register free of charge with Effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this email is accurate however cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies.


Date: 22nd December 2004

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